Dart Mining NL believes that sound environmental management is integral to every aspect and stage of its operations and exploration activities. As a responsible Australian company, Dart Mining NL is committed to minimizing any adverse environmental impact of exploration and mining operations and will implement its Environmental and Cultural Heritage Policy at all work sites.

Dart’s environmental program will, as a minimum, comply with all applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations as determined by Australian State and Commonwealth Governments. The Company will integrate environmental and rehabilitation processes into exploration activities, mine planning and mining operations. At all times, due respect will be shown to other land-users and conservation and heritage areas will be respected and protected by Dart’s environmental plan. Exploration / mine sites and disturbed areas will always be left in a safe, stable condition.

Dart will formulate a site-specific environmental management plan during exploration and pre-mine planning which will ensure that all exploration and mining activities are carried out with due consideration to other land-users, in consultation with them, and in such a way as to minimise the impact.


Dart Mining has been exploring for gold and other minerals in North East Victoria since 2003 and seeks to be a welcome and respected member in the communities it operates in. Dart enjoys the goodwill of the community and considers active community engagement integral to the successful implementation of all its activities.

Dart believes in minimising or mitigating any detrimental effects that works may have on the communities and the environment and all planning and management of company activities adhere, as a minimum, to the guidelines set out within the Victorian Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration.

Dart is committed to keeping the community informed of its plans at all times and to address any stakeholder concerns whenever we can do so.

We maintain this level of communication and engagement via:

  • Print media
  • Our website
  • Regular liaison with local authorities and agencies
  • Direct meetings with key individuals and groups
  • Mailouts (print and electronic)
  • Consultation with local community organisations
  • Community meetings

Cultural Heritage

Dart Mining recognises the significant cultural and historical heritage present across northeast Victoria and is committed to complying with all applicable heritage laws, statutes and regulations as determined by Australian State and Commonwealth Governments. Dart will meet its historical and cultural obligations as part of the process of self-regulation and will operate not only to the letter, but also with the spirit and intent, of all applicable laws. All requirements concerning historical and cultural sites are to be of prime consideration in all aspects of the operations projects and will be complied with.

Exploration, mining and treatment activities will be conducted in a manner that minimises the impact on significant sites. The Company will liaise actively with government bodies, statutory authorities, local communities and heritage management groups to maintain an open door policy on heritage issues.

All employees and contractors will be educated in relation to their roles and responsibility towards historical and cultural sites.

Earth Resources

Dart works very closely with the Earth Resources (ERR) branch which sits within the Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

ERR plays a key role in:

  • Regulating the resources industry to effectively manage risks to the environment and community
  • Attracting and facilitating investment in coal, gas, and mineral resources
  • Managing access to earth resources for current and future use
  • Supporting investment in technological development

ERR partners with a range of other government agencies and industry organisations. Agreements with these organisations aid the regulation of the resources sector in line with community and industry expectations.

Through the delivery of geoscience, policy and regulation, ERR enables industry to responsibly and sustainably develop Victoria’s earth resources. The Resources branch works with industry to build community knowledge and confidence in the social, environmental and economic performance of the resources sector.

Resources branch comprises three units:

  • Earth Resources Regulation
  • Earth Resources Policy and Programs
  • Earth Resources Economic Development
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